What is eBook Formatting?

eBook formatting is the process of getting your book ready to be read on Kindle, Nook, or other book readers.  These gadgets allow the reader more interactivity with the text, and my job is to get your book ready to take advantage of the technology!

Here are some of the details of the conversion process:

  • Convert all apostrophes, single quotes, and double quotes to the appropriate HTML codes for curly quotes, taking care to convert opening apostrophes as apostrophes and not as left single quotes (for example: ‘Tis should appear as ’Tis and not as ‘Tis)

  • Convert all em-dashes (—) and en-dashes (–) to the correct symbol codes. Replace any double hyphens with em-dashes.

  • A Kindle book can be viewed at several different font sizes, line-breaking hyphens often appear incorrectly (as with HTML documents) and should be eliminated.

  • Convert ellipses (…) to the appropriate symbol codes.

  • Remove any paragraph-starting tab characters or multiple spaces, replacing with appropriate formatting.

  • Format chapter headings to include links to the table of contents.

  • Make new chapters start on new pages.

  • Reformat images for the Kindle, including any original color for Kindle-compatible devices which use color.

  • Convert any tables in the original to Kindle-friendly formats.

  • Create a Table of Contents with links to the appropriate chapters, figures, etc.

  • Add up-caps (drop-caps don’t work on the Kindle) to the beginning of chapters (if desired by author) with either formatted text or an image.

  • Add “front matter”—separate title page, copyright page, etc.

  • Add links (front of book, back of book, or both) to the author’s website and to other published books in the Kindle store.

  • Make any in-text references to websites actual links.

Every book is unique, and there are so many variables!  Editing packages start at $100.  Contact me today for your own custom quote!